Tailor made to customer requirements


Tailored to customer requirements


Our products meet the highest possible standards through maximum performance, tailored to customer and market requirements. As a market leader in innovation, we are always on the cutting edge to set trends and provide our customers with market-oriented solutions.


Ceramic frit finds its added value in many industrial applications, where technical requirements and quality have a decisive influence. As a result, ceramic materials are significantly enhanced both aesthetically and, above all, technically.

Ceramic Glazes

For every requirement a tailor-made solution with maximum quality and appealing aesthetics. Under the influence of trends and innovations, a product with high flexibility while maintaining consistently high standards. Glazes are used as surface finishes on all ceramic substrates.

Ceramic Effect glazes


Extraordinary effects, strong colors and structures are achieved through ceramic coatings. The focus is on the uniqueness of the products and a seemingly never-ending creativity that continues to reinvent itself.

Ceramic pigments

Powerful and intense colors refine products, creating individual added value. Strongly influenced by trends, the requirements are constantly changing. Applied in various processes up to high temperatures, they decisively define products. Their maximum quality is also characterized by their temperature- and weather-resistant properties.

comprehensive program

Raw materials

Absolute consistency in the respective quality due to strict internal and external controls

  • Aluminiumhydroxide

  • Aluminium oxide

  • Barium carbonate

  • Bentonite

  • Chalk

  • Chromium oxide

  • Clay

  • Colemanite

  • Cobalt oxide

  • Copper oxide

  • Dolomite

  • Iron mica

  • Iron oxides

  • Kaolin

  • Kaolin chamotte

  • Lithium carbonate

  • Magnesium carbonate

  • Manganese dioxide

  • Monlybdenum oxide

  • Nepheline Syenite

  • Potassium feldspar

  • Pottery clay

  • Quartz crystals

  • Rutile

  • Sodium feldspar

  • Strontium carbonate

  • Talk

  • Tin oxide

  • Wollastonite

  • Zinc oxide

Zirconium silicate

ZIRCOCID® for various applications. Very high opacity with a high degree of whiteness. Technical requirements of various industries can also be met with this product range, making it a unique selling point.

Pioneer in development & world market leader in sales

Digital inks

Inkjet digital printing inks of the INKCID® series – guaranteed maximum quality and optimum performance

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