Versatile application areas of our products


Flexible application areas of our products

Customers worldwide

With our customized product range and individual support, we serve our customers worldwide from the following industries:

Wall and floor tiles

The tile industry has experienced significant technological progress in recent years. Modern production processes enable the manufacture of high-quality tiles with precise dimensions, different surface textures and innovative designs. Advances in printing technology even make it possible to create tiles with realistic patterns and textures that mimic natural materials. Advances in printing technology even make it possible to create tiles with realistic patterns and textures inspired by natural materials. New fields of application as interior work surfaces and exterior terraces are once again redefining ceramic tile.


Facades are an expression of artistic creativity and architectural design. Combined with advanced ceramic technology, facades shape the appearance of entire regions and thus even eras. They can be individually enhanced by patterns, textures and colors. They are manufactured via various processes and in different forms as clinker, facing bricks or tiles.


Glazes play an important role in the sanitary sector and are used in various areas to protect and beautify ceramic surfaces of sanitary fittings and fixtures. Manufacturers of sanitary ceramics attach great importance to high-quality glazes that meet the requirements of durability, hygiene and aesthetics.

Roof tiles

The roof tile industry is of great importance to the construction industry and the design of buildings. With their combination of aesthetic value, durability and functionality, glazed roof tiles in particular are a popular choice for roofing residential and commercial buildings around the world.


Ceramic coatings have a long tradition in the design of eating and drinking utensils. In addition to the technical advantages, aesthetics have a lasting influence on this industry. New trends and future technologies are still leading to constant change today.


High-quality inorganic pigments, with their high durability and wide range of colors, make a significant contribution in all industries. Complex inorganic pigments have become indispensable both for interior applications and, above all, for exterior applications.

Industrial Coatings & Paints

Masterbatches & Compounds


Technical Ceramics

Our product range includes, among others, glazes, ceramic bonds and frits, which are optimized according to technical applications and desired properties in a customer-oriented manner. We have many years of experience with customers all over the world. This enables us to guarantee suitable solutions for all application areas.