Raw materials

Raw materials on table

From our many years of experience as a manufacturer of glazes, frits and pigments, we know how important a reliable and stable supply of raw materials is for every ceramic company.

According to our conscientious quality assurance, we can ensure consistent high quality raw materials. Thus, we can guarantee smooth and trouble free application.

Our stock

Below you can see our comprehensive program from stock of deliverable raw materials, which stand out through absolute consistency in the respective quality due to strict internal and external controls:

  • aluminum hydroxide

  • alumina

  • barium carbonate

  • bentonite

  • chromium oxide

  • chalk

  • clay

  • cobalt oxide

  • copper oxide

  • dolomit

  • iron oxide

  • kaolin

  • kaolin chamotte

  • lithium carbonate

  • magnesium carb.

  • manganese dioxide

  • iron mica

  • nepheline syenit

  • petalite

  • potassium feldspar

  • pottery clay

  • quartz

  • rutile

  • sodium feldspar

  • talcum

  • tin oxide

  • wollastonite

  • zinc

  • zirconium