Colored pigments

The applications of our inorganic pigments and base colors cover many industries.

Main fields of application are all ceramic applications as well as pigments for masterbatches/compounds, paints/coatings and construction parts.

The manufacturing processes are unique worldwide in both wet and dry processing. The raw materials for our paints are produced after strict testing in standardized production processes to achieve temperature-stable pigments.

According to the intended applications, the pigments are formulated with regards to the color values ​​and grain sizes. The end product is uniformly high quality stain for a wide range of applications.


Cloud of colored pigments

In order to be as customer-specific as possible for the various applications, our sales program includes the following series:

  • Glaze stains
  • Glaze stains: optimized for long firing cycles and temperatures up to 1300 °C

  • Glaze stains: optimized for dishes

  • Body stains

  • Complex inorganic color pigments: optimized for masterbatches & compounds

  • Complex inorganic color pigments: optimized for paints and varnishes

  • Inorganic color pigments: optimized for structural parts