These products allow you to modify existing articles and to create completely new ones, and to use additive to optimise the production methods you already employ.

KUR 1 Anti settling agent

Woman painting on a raw ceramic bowl

KUR 1 increases the viscosity of the glazes adjusted with it and thus prevents segregation and hard settling. It enables a good flow without streaking and bulging during glazing. Furthermore, adhesion to the substrate and grip strength are improved. Due to its pasty form it is easily soluble in water and can also be added to the slurry afterwards. The viscosity set in this way is retained. The amount to be added is approx. 1g per 100g dry glaze or 100ml glaze slurry.  KUR 1 can also be diluted with water for better dosage, is odourless and does not require labelling according to the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances.

KUR 4 Ceramic glue

Man works on raw ceramic cup

KUR 4 is a reddish ceramic adhesive which can be used to glue kiln stones and to repair pieces which have broken off during firing, or to attach handles etc..

• KUR 4 is applied thickly to both parts to be glued together
The parts should be free of dust and grease and should be moistened
After drying, burn the repaired piece again in biscuit firing
After the biscuit firing the part can be machined (e.g. sanding)
• KUR 4 can be overglazed. The firing range is 900 – 1,250 °C

KUR 5 Glaze glue

Glazing a cup

KUR 5 is a non-foaming binder for glazes. It increases the adhesion between glaze and shards and thus counteracts rolling and edge breaking. It increases the abrasion and grip strength, which is very advantageous when applying, decorating, transporting and inserting.

Due to its liquid form, it dissolves well and can also be added later. The amount to be added is between 1-10ml, preferably 5-6ml, per 100g glaze or 100ml slurry.

KUR 5 is not subject to labelling.

KUR 8 Combi product

Woman painting on a ceramic vase with brush

The combination product KUR 8 is a mixture of a floating agent and glaze glue, which was specially developed for brush application. It facilitates handling when mixing a powder glaze, as only one auxiliary agent has to be added to the glaze.

The amount to be added is between 10-12ml per 100g glaze or 100ml slurry.

M 10 Painting medium

Woman paints on porcelain with brush

The painting medium M 10 is used to paste decorative colours applied to fired glaze. M 10 ensures good processing and adhesion of the colours and burns out residue-free.

It consists of a water-soluble liquid which is free of hazardous substances.
Neither alcohol nor turpentine are necessary for dilution and cleaning.