Glass decoration

Our enamels consist of inorganic color stains, lead- and cadmium-free frits as well as environmentally friendly solvents. The optimum color development is achieved in the temperature range of 580 – 700 ° C. Our ceramic enamels can be used for various glass applications such as screen printing, roller printing and spraying.

The enamels comply with the approval Z-70.1-75 which officially demonstrates the suitability with the silicone DC993 according to ETAG-002 (Structural Sealant Glazing Systems).

Glass enamels

Glass products with various applications

Our glass enamels meet the aesthetic and technical requirements of various applications:

  • All RAL color enamels

  • Matt effect enamels

  • Metallic effect enamels

  • Non-slip decorative enamels

  • Phosphorescent decor enamles

  • Decorative enamels for outdoor use, position 1


Showroom with decorated glass

The area of ​​digital printing is covered with our Krystal-CID ink series which was specially developed for the glass sector:

  • Color inks: red, yellow, blue, green, black and white

  • Magenta: To extend the color space

  • Matt effect

  • Gold, platinum and luster color