Ceramic frits

A frit is a mixture of various raw materials that solidify into a glass through melting and rapid cooling. Frits are the main component of many ceramic materials that have a glazed surface. They are used in:

  • glazes and engobes of tiles
  • roof tiles
  • sanitary ceramics
  • stove tiles
  • flower pots
  • binders in technical ceramics

The ceramic frits are available as granulate or milled in different grain sizes.

Reimbold & Strick offers the right solution for all areas of application.

Frits for glazes

Reimbold & Strick offers suitable frits in high quality according to the field of application of the glaze.

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Frits for technical ceramics

In order to meet the high demands of industry, frits in technical ceramics require special properties.

Find out how Reimbold & Strick frits meet these requirements:


Frits for glass decoration

In decor enamels frits act as flux and thus ensure good melting of the paint into the ceramic surface.

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